Hi Everyone,

My name is Mattie. I’ve been picture blogging for about 4 years now on my Instagram account and Facebook. Now that I’m in college and going on new adventures all the time I thought it would be a cool idea to start a website that people would follow but that I too could look back on.

About Me:

Im nineteen years old, living in colorful Boulder, Colorado. Im studying hospitality at Metropolitan State University in Denver. I have a beautiful family, consisting of my mom (Debbie), my dad (Steve), my sister (Stephanie), her husband (Jeff), and my cutie of a niece (Sophie). My partner in crime and my love goes out to my boyfriend Tanner. I spend most of my time studying but when I can get away Tanner and I love to go on spontaneous adventures wherever life takes us. 2015 brought so many crazy things flying at us like graduating high school and starting college but it also gave us so many great memories with each of our families in Florida and Santa Barbra Cali. Our next trip is to the caribbean in March where we will be taking a cruise for our spring break. I hope you will follow me on this journey of life!!


Things to follow!!

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