Hey there Beautiful,

Welcome to my blog!

I created this site mostly for me, my family, and friends. It will be a place my family and friends can go to follow what I’m up to, as well as a place I can look back at. It’s a place for me to write about things that are interesting me and the small, medium, and large things going on in my life. You’ll see fashion, beauty, life style, fitness, and foodie posts. Also relationship, family, school, and work posts; I’ll give advice, personal experiences, and negatives/positives to my experiences with tons of situations. Overall, you’ll see posts about my everyday life and what made each day beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by…


How to keep up with me during my Disney College Program!!

I’m going to try my very best to post weekly videos on my Instagram – as well as post here with an update on how the program is going to the *Home* page. All pictures from the program will be on the page named *DCP Spring 2018*! You’ll find pictures, videos, and stories of anyone who travels to see me there as well. For my travels while in Florida – I will still be posting those on the *Travel* page.

So excited you’re going on this adventure with me!

Things to follow!!

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